Offering targeted recruiting services in the Semiconductor, Automotive, and Embedded Technology sector.

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Locating and retaining talent is critical to any organization. At Springboard we have the ability and experience to offer tailored recruiting solutions that can effectively meet your needs. We offer a personalized approach and have the understanding and confidence to adapt our solutions to your needs.

Retained Search

We seek a modest upfront fee for each project as a commitment from the client to work exclusively with Springboard. We will identify and contact prospective candidates and screen them so as to put together a short-list of potential candidates within 4 to 6 weeks. We then carefully manage the interview process and constantly are in contact with candidates in process so as to ensure a successful completion of the project. We commit to finishing the search within the agreed timelines.

A retained search is a more effective solution when:

  • There is a need to quickly fill an urgent hiring requests and Springboard will allocate dedicated resources to ensure a swift hiring process.

  • To undertake a high level search that needs to be handled delicately and in a confidential manner.

  • You need to replace an existing employee and the project needs to be confidential.

  • When you need more resources to be dedicated to your search and for your company to be prioritized.

Contingency Search

We maintain a high level of commitment to clients who prefer to use a success based approach to recruiting. A contingency search is 100% success based.

Fees for this type of search are only paid upon successful placement and hiring of a candidate. We hope to have connectivity with line managers as well as Human Resource departments so we have a better understanding of how to offer our solutions most effectively.

Springboard offers a fast paced approach, through our deep industry ties and strong referral base we can locate unique talent quickly and effectively that exceed your hiring criteria.

Start-up Consulting

Springboard is often the first contact for foreign capital companies during the initial operation start-up stage when setting up a Japanese office or when taking over an existing Japanese company.

We have found that expatriates new to Japan are often unfamiliar and are unclear as to acceptable practices in relation to Japanese labor and hiring practices and need impartial advice to avoid mistakes and to quickly bring the office in line with their international standards .

We offer a range of complementary services to supplement the hiring and firing processes including drafting of offer letters and rules of employment, and taxation functions, assistance with company registration and due diligence checks.